Impressive Concrete Coatings



We have a variety of floor coatings designed to meet your needs for residential, commercial or industrial applications. All of our concrete coating options are backed with a manufacturer's warranty to give you piece of mind, and our technicians are fully trained and certified to install these beautiful, long-lasting concrete coatings. Installation can be done in 1 day in most cases, and back in service within 24 hours. 



Our chip floor system provides a beautiful granite look with an orange peel texture, which makes it a great floor for a wide variety of applications for residential floor coating and commercial floor coating projects. It's durability and chemical resistance is important, especially for high traffic areas and commercial applications.  One of the biggest advantages of the chip system is that is can be installed in a one day.  Under most conditions, it will be fully cured and ready for vehicle traffic in just 24 hours. Our chip floors are slip resistant and easy to clean. The chip floor system utilizes a polyurea base coat that is stronger than epoxy and a polyaspartic clear coat that is UV stable, as well as skid resistant.  An array of chip colors is available to appeal to your personal style and enhance your decor.

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Quartz System

Our Quartz System is a perfect solution for high traffic commercial and industrial settings. This durable coating has a rough, abrasive, slip-resistant surface designed to meet your needs in areas such as commercial kitchens, industrial bathrooms, and entryways. This system is cured and ready for use in one day.


Epoxy System

Our Epoxy System is an economical choice for large commercial floor coating and industrial floor coating projects.  Texture and color can be customized to suit your needs. The cure time for an epoxy system is 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic.


Concrete Sealing

This is a low cost way of preserving your concrete floor. After prepping your existing concrete, we apply a protective clear coat. This clear coat can also be tinted with a color of your choice. This coating can be walked on in 4-6 hours and furnishing can be placed back in 12 hours. It will be vehicle traffic ready in 24 hours.